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The Hudson River Derby


Ever have a game that you truly can't miss? The Hudson River Derby is that game for us. We have been going to this derby since NYCFC came into the league. The atmosphere is just electric and exhilarating! If you haven't been to this Derby match and you live in the NJ/NY area, you're missing out...soccer fan or not! This match particularly saw NYCFC needing a win, to show their rival club they mean business this season. 



Goals Scored

NY Red Bull



Scores On-Target


Mins Player


Fouls Comminted

Daniel Royer


Man Of the Match



Spotlight  Player

Ronald Matarrita

New York City FC


In the end, New York was red after this game and New York has been red 7 out of 14 times (not including Open Cup matches). The game ended 2-1, with the Reds displaying an action pack comeback to reclaim their derby title. However, the results was not what made this derby so great. Upon arriving at the stadium, the atmosphere felt different in so many ways. Maybe the air felt thicker or the usual abundance of trash talking felt a little too serious. Whatever the case, like always upon arrival at the stadium, we were greeted by the boys in blues aka our friendly law enforcement, asking who we supported. Our crew were all in Red Bulls jerseys which was a dead giveaway to who we supported. After which we were directed to a specific path dedicated for only Red Bulls fans. We were shocked by this encounter but kept on going. Never have we gone to an MLS game and been told we have a different path from the other team. Normally in other countries like England, teams have different paths and entrances for derby games because they don't want the supporters' groups fighting. It felt like we were going to a Premier League game! The idea of the derby felt like the realest it has ever been.


You can feel the intensity from each end of the stadium as you walked to your seats, even before the game, sparks were ignited. For one day, friends became enemies; the only thing that mattered was the badge on your chest. Throughout the game, we listened to the sweet melodies of trash talk flying from person to person on who will win and who is the better team; we were no exception to these conversations. When it came down to kickoff, it was like the atmosphere magnified as everyone was sent out a loud roar! The NYCFC fans in their away section could be heard from outside the stadium. We can't lie, they are definitely some of the most proud fans we've seen in the MLS - home or away. And that made the derby amazing. 

Not The First


While the Hudson River Derby may be one of the newer rivalries in the league, soccer derbies go back  to the beginning of time and the MLS. Whether you are from the east or the west, north or south, there is probably a derby near you if you look into it. You won't want to miss the passion these fans have to offer and the adrenaline you get just from watching the intensity on the field. 


Through the chanting, swearing, and arguing, if you don't enjoy the match, you will definitely enjoy new companionship you make at the game. Friends will be made as we have made our fair share, amongst common supporters and the away team. You find common ground and that is the pitch on which our favorite sport is played - soccer.