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Red Bull Street Style USA Qualifiers

As soccer freestyle has become very popular since the start of the 21st century, there are many tournaments that have been on the uprise in many parts of the world. Unlike before, this exclusive community is now involving the  public more in their events. We must admit, this is the first official soccer freestyle event that we have ever been to. When we started Just Kick It, we made tons of friends and a significant amount of them were aspiring to become world renowned freestylers. Naturally, this caught our attention and we decided to attend the Red Bull Street Style USA Qualifiers held at the Upper90 Sport Center in Queens, New York..


Sports, especially soccer, is an art. An art which manipulates the human anatomy to produce a style distinctive to each individual. Although the skills of the game is similar throughout the sport, on- stage freestylers display more precise and honed abilities with the ball. It's amazing how each individual have their own unique control of the ball - with main freestyler mimicking whatever they have interest in. Music, played a major factor in some of the performance, fueling the tempo of some freestylers which drew our attention with amazement. Freestyle soccer is so interesting, but too hard to explain with words. We suggest checking it out live if you can.


Most of the tournament we saw was of the men's competition which was very scripted and other times intense between the two freestylers facing off. It seems that women's qualifiers happened prior to our arrival and we missed most of the women who competed. We did catch the battle for 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place in the women category and it was really amazing witnessing the skills of these young ladies. We probably enjoyed it more than the men's competition! It was like there was so much more at stake for these ladies...and honestly, there is. Women's freestyle deserves more attention and we look forward to watching it grow. If you are a female freestyle reading this, share your story with us and we would love to show others.



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